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Each person, enterprise, organization are interested in the most favorable solution of any emerged question. But to reach positive result, to defend one's rights and legal interests without assistance is very difficult. To have only the knowledge of active legislation and belief in one's own forces is not enough. Sooner or later you need experienced legal expert, who is able to foresee possible negative legal consequences of one or another action and avoid them. One cannot do without competent legal assistance.

It remained only to choose appropriate legal company in the vast expanses of legal services market of Ukraine.

In 1995 in Ukraine was founded such legal company as «UrComSercice», where worked eminently qualified legal experts. The company made a good showing as professional company that's why was included to TOP-50 (1997-2001), and in 2002 in TOP-10 of legal companies of Ukraine.

Association «Ukrainian Legal Alliance» was founded in 2004, when the idea to unite the experience, contacts and efforts of practical lawyers of legal company «UrComSercice» (Kostrukov V.I., Solovieva N.A., Bondarenko Y.N.) was realized in creation of association.

During 8 years our lawyers and barristers are working successfully in the market of legal services, giving to natural persons, to enterprises and organizations legal services not only in Kyiv but also in all regions of Ukraine due to vast number of professionals – the representatives of the company ( regional representatives ).

Experts of association render services concerned different branches of law (civil law, administrative law, economic law, criminal law, land law etc.) that allow to resolve difficult professional problems.

Attached to Association «Ukrainian Legal Alliance» in 2004 was created constantly active Arbitration Court which has extensive practice in solution of different disputable questions. Also was created the net of regional representatives of our company in all regions of Ukraine. Our legal experts are ready to render professional juridical service in any region of Ukraine. .

It is indeed advantageous and convenient for you to collaborate with us because we:

• take care of our clients;

constantly ameliorate the quality of our services;

render optimal balance of two important components of market policy: price and quality;

are able to answer any your question;

don't go on leave and don't leave the service in the most unsuitable time and we don't get ill;

• guarantee absolute confidentiality and we are responsible for each our action.

Yours sincerely,

the President of company, Honoured lawyer of Ukraine, barrister Kostrukov V.I.