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Enforcement of Judgments

Obtain a decision in the case - does not mean its end. The main thing - to implement this decision in life.

Enforcement proceedings - the final stage of a trial in which to enforce rights, confirmed by a court. Enforcement proceedings instituted at the request of the claimant or the prosecutor. Monitoring the correct and timely execution of the court decision by the judge.

In the Association "Ukrainian Legal Alliance" working professionals with significant experience in the state executive service. Knowledge of the regulatory framework for the execution of judgments and experience of our experts will help prevent the negative to you the circumstances that may occur during public performer decisions on any types of cases (debt collection, compensation, debt and wrongly collected taxes).

Our specialists provide services in support of the enforcement proceedings, both for property and non-property types for execution. In providing such services specialists perform the following work:

• advice relating to enforcement proceedings;
• Development of effective schemes execution;
• ensuring open enforcement proceedings;
• preparation of the necessary documents;
• representation in enforcement proceedings;
• execution of closing (stopping) production;
• ensure the imposition or removal of the arrest;
• challenge the actions (or inaction) of the executive service in administrative and court procedures;
• recovery of damages caused by law enforcement officials;
• Maintenance and organization of public tender procedures or challenging.

It is the Association "Ukrainian Legal Alliance" you can get expert and professional legal assistance at all stages of enforcement proceedings.