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Legal service

Association "Ukrainian Legal Alliance" offers you to use the "Subscriber Service."

One of the priorities of our company is customer care entities, which is a complex legal support of the company in all legal matters arising in the course of business.

Legal service - an alternative for those who do not in the state of the legal service, or it is loaded with work.

Legal service - is a regular support of your business. After 5 minutes of your call our lawyers will begin work on the task.

Dynamics of changes in the legislation of Ukraine to date leads to the need to continuously monitor and study such changes by qualified experts in this field. However, not every company small and medium business managers of the domestic economy has the financial ability to permanently staffed by a professional who would provide qualified legal support of the company's business in the legal field.

When legal service you have to choose a high-quality staff lawyers who are ready to advise you on any legal question arising and also offer legal solutions and legal actions so that you are always a winner.

Legal service of individuals and entities include:

• review and analysis of legal documents of the company;

• advising on the application of the law;

• writing legal documents (contracts, agreements, letters, memos, founding documents, etc.);

• HR consulting office of your company;

• pre-trial examination of documents on the settlement of disputes, drafting, filing claims, etc.), and representation in the courts;

• representation in government bodies, participation in negotiations with contractors;

• Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Legal service - advantageous and convenient, because:

1. To work for you a team of highly qualified lawyers, and all that - at a salary of one lawyer;

2. You will be able to work freely, without wasting precious time on the solution of legal problems - we will deal with it;

3. professionalism and experience of our staff will make you feel protected from any legal problems.

Get detailed information on the terms of cooperation and make an appointment please call (044) 272 40 84, (044) 222-99-72, (067) 238-85-50