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The Arbitration

Kyiv City Administration of Justice registered the Standing Arbitration Court at the Association "Ukrainian Legal Alliance" (certificate of registration from 13.12.2004 № 005-2004 g).

According to the Law of Ukraine "On arbitration," the court may consider any disputes arising from civil and economic relations, the parties which act as physical and legal persons.

Regulation of our courts can exercise in a short time the case and make a decision according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

Legal and / or individuals have the right to submit to the arbitration of any disputes arising from civil or economic relations, except as required by law. The dispute may be referred to arbitration if the arbitration agreement between the parties (arbitration clause) to submit disputes to the Permanent Arbitration Court at the Association "Ukrainian Legal Alliance."

The costs associated with the solution of the dispute by the arbitral tribunal by the parties, in accordance with the rules of the court (in the lawsuit costs rely on the defendant, in case of failure in the lawsuit - the plaintiff, in partial satisfaction of the claim - on both sides, in proportion of satisfied requirements) .

Arbitration decision is subject to immediate execution. Arbitration decision, which is not done voluntarily subject to compulsory execution in the manner prescribed by the Law of Ukraine "On Enforcement Proceedings".

Order or writ for execution of arbitral awards issued by a competent court.

Please note that in accordance with Art. 2 of the Law of Ukraine "On arbitration courts" as amended and supplemented by 15.03.2006 № 3541-IV, the competent court recognized local general court or local economic court for the place of the hearing tribunal.

Based on the provisions of Article 2 of the Law of Ukraine "On arbitration courts" for us is competent courts: Shevchenko District Court of Kiev and the Commercial Court of Kiev.

In accordance with Art. 51 of the Law of Ukraine "On arbitration courts", the decision of the arbitral tribunal shall be final and not subject to appeal, except as provided in this Act. Arbitration decision can be appealed and reversed only of these grounds:

1) The case in which the decision of the arbitration court is not under the jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal in accordance with the law;

2) The arbitration decision made in a dispute not contemplated by the arbitration agreement or the decision of outstanding issues that go beyond the arbitration agreement. If the decision of the arbitral tribunal address the issues that are outside of the arbitration agreement, it can be canceled only that part of the decision to address issues that go beyond the arbitration agreement;

3) the arbitration agreement invalid by a competent court;

4) the composition of the arbitral tribunal that the decision did not meet the requirements of Articles 16 - 19 of the Act.

We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation.

At the conclusion of a cooperation agreement with a permanent Court of Arbitration of the Association "Ukrainian Legal Alliance", please contact us for additional information for the phone:

(044) 272 40 84

(044) 222-99-72

(067) 238-85-50

President of the Association V.I. Kostryukov